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After receiving underdosed AAS from two reputable sources at the time and hearing about my friend receiving winstrol instead of anavar, I decided enough was enough. I started learning to brew for myself after being given a private raw source from an online friend that retired.

It all started as a personal brew and years later JuicePal is an internationally known brand offering top quality AAS products.


Our focus

We Understand Your Requirement and Provide Quality Products
Purity & Bioavailability

We are the most tested source in the industry. Please check our lab test results.

Health & Welness

We use organic oils and minimal amount of solvents creating the least stress on your body. Often we get feedback that peoples kidney and liver values have decreased compared to products from other labs.

Discrete Shipping

All products are packed and sealed in a professional discrete manner in case the exterior packaging comes apart.



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Lab Tests

Product HPLC Tests Provided by Janoshik Analytical


Photos From Our Satisfied Clients
Purity, Bioavailability and Sterile Environment Is Our Top Priority


Feedback Collected From Our Clients Over The Last Couple of Years

Product List

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Minimum order amount is $200 (after any type of discount is applied; not including shipping).
Domestic shipping is free. International shipping is $20.
4-8 day T/A after payment is collected.
Payment methods accepted – Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Western Union, Bank Wire.
20% OFF all orders that are paid with Bitcoin.

10% discount if your order is over $500
20% discount if your order is over $1000
40% discount off injectables and 20% off orals if your order is over $4000
*Discounts can not be combined. For example, you can not apply bulk discount and Bitcoin discount.
Special Of The Month products and Pharmaceuticals are excluded from any discounts.



*****Please copy and paste all information below in your e-mails with every e-mail that you send us. This is what causes orders to be delayed *****

Board Username Or Name Of person who referred you:

(please type here how you would put it on an envelope. It will be copied and pasted so their is no mistake on our end)



Form of payment Requested/Or Paid with: WU, BITCOIN
Sender Name(who sent the money if paid with WU):
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MTCN/tracking/transaction ID


Test-P 100 mg/ml $25
Test-PhenylProp 125 mg/ml $25
TNE 100 mg/ml $40 🔺
Test-E 250 mg/ml $40
Test-C 250 mg/ml $40
Test Sustanon 250 mg/ml $40
Tren-A 100 mg/ml $45
Tren-E 200 mg/ml $60
Tren Base 100 mg/ml $35 🔺🚫
NPP 150 mg/ml $35
Deca 250/ml $45
Mast-P 100 mg/ml $45
Mast-E 200 mg/ml $55
Equipoise 500 mg/ml $60
Primo-E 200 mg/ml $125 🚫
DHB 100 mg/ml $40 No more Guaiacol!

Test-E 400 mg/ml $50 💉
Dianabol 50 mg/ml $50
Anadrol 50 mg/ml $40
Test-PhenylProp 50 / Tren-A 100 / Mast-P 100 mg/ml $80 🚫
Anadrol 50 / TNE 50 mg/ml $50 🔺
The German Freak – Superdrol 30 / Tren Base 50 mg/ml $35 🔺🚫
Mister Heavy Duty – Test-E 250 / Deca 200 mg/ml $55 🚫
The Shadow – Test-Phenylprop 125 / Tren-A 100 mg/ml $50 🚫
The Myth – Test-E 250 / Equipoise 300 mg/ml $50 🚫
Gentle Giant – Deca 300 / Equipoise 300 mg/ml $60 🚫

🔺– contains a small amount of guaiacol;💉 – might give a slight PIP; 🚫 – excluded from discount.


Dianabol 25 mg x 60 $45
Turinabol 25 mg x 100 $90
Anavar 10 mg x 60 $45
Anavar 25 mg x 60 $50
Anavar 50 mg x 60 $90
Anadrol 50 mg x 60 $45
Superdrol 20 mg x 50 $50
Halotestin 20 mg x 30 $125
Arimidex 1 mg x 60 $70

Winstrol 50 mg x 60 $45
Proviron 50 mg x 60 $90
Nolvadex 20 mg x 30 $30
Clomid 50 mg x 30 $30
Aromasin 13 mg x 60 $45
Aromasin 25 mg x 60 $70
Cialis 20 mg x 60 $70
Viagra 50 mg / Cialis 20 mg x 60$60


Tiromel T3 25 mcg x 100 $75
T4 100 mcg x 50 $50
Proviron 25 mg x 20 $35
Pfizer Cabaser 1 mg x 20 $80
Pfizer Cabaser 2 mg x 20 $100
Rimobolan Methelonone Enanthate 100 mg/ml 1amp $15
Arimidex 1 mg x 28 $85
Letrozole 2.5 mg x 30 $75

Pfizer Aromasin 25 mg x 28 $50
Ro-Accutane Isotretinoin 20 mg x 30 caps
Glucophage Metformin 1000 mg x 100 $80
HCG 5000 IU $65 (BAC Water Included)
Lantus SoloStar Insulin 100 iu/ml 3 ml x 5 pens $150
FDA PHARMA HGH Genotropin 36 IU $270
Anadrol Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon Tablets 50mg x 20 $40
Bitiron T3 12.5 mg / T4 50 mcg x 50 $50



Minimum order amount £150/€150 (after any type of discount is applied; not including shipping).
Payment methods accepted – Bitcoin, Western Union.
20% OFF all orders that are paid with Bitcoin. *Discounts are not combined.

Buy BTC with bank transfer or debit/credit card in EUR/USD/GBP using CryptoPay app – or NakitCoins app –

10% discount if your order is over £450/€500 + free shipping.
20% discount if your order is over £900/€1000 + free shipping.
40% discount off injectables and 20% off orals if your order is over $4000
*Discounts can not be combined. For example, you can not apply bulk discount and Bitcoin discount.
Special Of The Month products and Pharmaceuticals are excluded from any discounts.

Stealth shipping available to all locations!
Free 1-3 day shipping in the UK.
EU shipping is €15 by Post Office, ETA 4-10 working days. EU courier shipping is €25, ETA 3-7 working days.
Stealth shipping to Australia by DHL Express only, the service costs £50-£80 depending on your location, ETA 1-3 working days.

Please allow more time for delivery due to the postal services being heavily loaded.


Test-P 100 mg/ml £20/€25
Test-E 250 mg/ml £30/€35
Test-C 250 mg/ml £30/€35
Test Sustanon 250 mg/ml £35/€40
Tren-A 100 mg/ml £40/€45
Tren-E 200 mg/ml £50/€55
NPP 100 mg/ml £25/€30
Deca 300 mg/ml £40/€45
Mast-P 100 mg/ml £40/€45
Mast-E 200 mg/ml £50/€55
Equipoise 350 mg/ml £35/€40


Dianabol 25 mg x 60 £45/€50
Turinabol 25 mg x 100 £75/€80
Anavar 25 mg x 60 £50/€55
Anadrol 50 mg x 60 £45/€50
Superdrol 10 mg x 100 £50/€55
Winstrol 50 mg x 60 £45/€50
Proviron 50 mg x 50 £60/€65


Nolvadex 20 mg x 50 £35/€40
Clomid 50 mg x 50 £35/€40
Arimidex 1 mg x 50 £40/€45
Aromasin 25 mg x 50 £40/€45



Please Stay Cautions and Purchase Only From Authorised Retailers
Use Only Trusted Sources

Beware of scammers posing as me. Make sure you get my email from a reputable person or website.  Do not attempt to Google me and find my email there. For example, there is a scamming steroid website called "roidforums" which claims that has my email listed on there that isn't mine. Only use an email from a reputable source. If you need to verify something than do so by contacting me on

Scammed by GH15

I would like you all to know that GH15 from has scammed me for about $10,000 on April 2019. I was offered to have my thread moved to the public section in September 2019. GH15 said for $12,000 he would move my thread publicly. I wanted it public because It had my reviews on there and I planned to join another forum, I wanted people to verify my reviews from the link that I provide and eventually leave GH15. I got tired of his manipulation (wanting more and more money in sponsor fee’s like some type of fat greedy bastard) and BS and was ready to leave. So I agreed. I paid him and my thread was never moved to the public section. Instead he deleted all my private messages and attempted to hide the evidence not knowing I made screenshots of all my PM’s.



Answers to the most frequently asked questions
Start attending national bodybuilding shows and Olympia and start asking around. You will find out why. We get emails often of people telling me they won a show. Or they ran into the winner of a show and he also uses JuicePal.  Or simply sign up on the forums that we are on and do your research. Read our reviews.  We are also the most tested lab in the game. Do not listen to the bullshit other labs tell you (Not all of them, there are other reputable labs besides for us). But sadly the majority of labs are part of the reason why steroids are illegal! Due to them putting out stuff that is not what is on the label such as selling Dianabol instead of Anavar and harming women with long life lasting affects! As well as overdosing their products causing you to think it is more stronger and affecting your lipids or liver in a negative way to do this! Some labs will tell you they perform melting tests when you ask for test reports, knowing the average steroid user doesn’t have much knowledge on this subject. Sadly melting tests do not detect the purity levels. Also there are a lot of compounds that have the same melting temperature range. So melting tests don’t really prove anything. Some labs will also photoshop test reports. This is why when you ask for test reports you must make sure  you are given a reputable link to verify it!  Many “top” labs have been caught faking test reports with photoshop.  So do not believe any test report that you see unless it comes from a reputable linkn.
And do not believe those bullshit Chinese reports when they say their source tests everything and gives you the bullshit Chinese report that is easily edited…

Sorry, no we don’t because all you would have to do is call your bank to issue a charge back and you will get your money back and thus scam us. Also, we do not know how to receive a Venmo or Zelle anonymously without a trail that leads back to us. The feds have unlimited amount of money and all the time in the world to catch a retailer. They will take the time and bust people who accept these payments eventually. Safety is our priority.  Our goal is not to make as much money as we can. We may make less money by not offering these payments, but we don’t care. If we want more money, we will join more websites. We will not attempt to make more money by offering these insecure payment methods. We don’t care who you are.  If you need help with BitCoin, we will take the time to help you! So don’t get us wrong guys, we don’t mean to be assholes.

No, we do not. We will NEVER sell anything that CAN kill anyone. We don’t know how we would be able to live with ourselves knowing someone died because of a substance that we sold them. We help people grow muscle faster and help people with low natural testosterone levels that can not get it prescribed. And we applaud and fully support LE to take down the other unethical labs that sell these poisons and claim it is safe. Some labs will try to sell you GBL claiming it increases your HGH and helps you sleep with no side effects. Do not believe these lies! GBL doesn’t have any bodybuilding benefit. And it will make sleeping much difficult without GBL. If you take it for months and quit cold turkey, you can die from withdrawal affects. And you will have a long lasting rebound affect of anxiety and insomnia. Stay away from the sources that tell you “try it bro, its free” “it will increase your hgh bro” “it’s safe bro.” They are trying to make you addicted to it so you become a slave to the drug to the point where you can’t quit because of the withdrawal effects. We have never met anyone successful that does drugs.

No, you can’t unless it’s been past a week then we will give it to you. You can sign up for USPS informed delivery and they will notify you with the tracking number. We will not give you the tracking number unless it is an international order.

No, it does not. It is pain free. It is just a very thick oil compared to our other oils.

This is normal. Do not worry Testosterone Cypionate crashes sometimes. If you never had your Testosterone Cypionate crash it was probably Testosterone Enanthate you were injecting that was labeled as “Testosterone Cypionate”. There is a reason why pharma Testosterone Cypionate is made at only 100 mg/ml or 200 mg/ml. While Test-E is made at 250 mg/ml. Because Test-C at 250mg/ml sometimes will crash. They even have a warning on the box of pharma Test-C to heat and shake if you see crystals in it. It is normal, it does not mean you got a bad batch. To fix this, you can simply turn your stove top on for 2 minutes on the highest heat. Then, place your vial directly in the center for about 10-15 seconds and shake it. Then draw and inject… More or less depending on your stove if its powerful or not….

Yes this is normal. As long as the oil itself is clear you are OK to inject it. This is an exotic compound and no one fully knows why this happens but it happens with all Tren base products. Make sure the oil is clear with no crystals before you inject it. But if you have crystals on the inside where the stopper is, do not worry.

No DHB is pip free at 1 CC or less. However, you will get pip if you try to inject more than 1 CC…  stick to 1 CC or less and you will be OK. If you get PIP, combine it with our EQ 500 and you will be fine… Always start DHB with 1 CC or less to ensure you do not react badly.

We use an organic blend of carrying oils, we use a mix of 3 different carrying oils. It is our secret private recipe. Please let us know if you have any allergies…

Yes they are.

3-8 days after payment has been received or picked up.
2 in 5 people get PIP. Yes. It seems like for the experienced bodybuilders the PIP is barely anything…. Actually half the people are fine. Other half get a lump that goes down after a week or bad PIP. Only use this if you are experienced. Professional bodybuilders use this and don’t get any lumps or bad PIP, newbies will get bad PIP or a lump… I recommend if this is your first, to only inject 1/2 CC and even then you may get PIP if you are not a developed experienced bodybuilder.
Purchase only 1 vial and try 1/2 CC at first to see how you react…


Contact us only using the below methods to avoid being scammed
To contact us send an e-mail to