Scammed by GH15

Story Continued

UPDATED 25/05/2020

The address of Admin of gh15.org (We sent him steroids in the past when were friends with the admin many times to pay for some gh15.org fees)
Gregory Simeonidis
Apartment 4
886 Boul. du Plateau
Gatineau, QC J9J 0C2
Old address
Gregory Simeonidis
429 Dinard
Laval, QC  H7X 4B2
ADMIN OF gh15.org E-mail (read below how have we found it) – sinnysintra@yahoo.com
IP of gh15.org –
I suggest if Law Enforcement is reading this to look into this yahoo e-mail and also these addresses, contact ISP for data etc. This is the possible owner of gh15. This owner receives payments from many steroid sponsors for years. The owner is a scammer and also allowed many bad sources to sell  products that are dosed differently than what the label says, the sources were kicked off of other forums! They are endangering peoples health by allowing some of these bad sources to sell on there as well as profiting off illegal money for years.
If law enforcement is reading, you guys can go to Serbia and speak to these people and ask who did you receive the money for. These are real names. These people are gh15’s friends.
You can call western union and find out with these people and who they received the money for and what purpose. They can give on lead GH15. Please note Admin and GH15 are different people. They are both partners in the gh15.org website. They split the profits 50/50. admin is located in Canada, potentially Greg S, or Greg S might be his best friend that he hides behind as a proxy. GH15 is in Serbia, the names of the people he had us sent money to are our leads to him.
Also more info to look into –
We have used securitytrails.com and did a DNS record search for gh15.org
Click Historical Data
And we get a huge list of DNS entries. The ones that are of interest are the ‘A’ and ’NS’. A section tells website host IP address. NS tells what nameservers the site is using to which help identify the host.
Now we’re not 100% how to read this info as it has several changes once every few weeks/months but to my understanding the website was first hosted on April 2012 at Netmagic Datacenter Mumbai. It’s name severs are pointing to znet.in which is an Indian hosting company.
As you can see in the NS section, the website used znet hosting services (later they changed name to znetlive) up until 2014. Later on they changed nameserver to Cloudflare.
Now back to A section first entry is some Mill Compound, the IP points to India. Then they switched to CtrlS Datacenters. This is an actual webhost in India, but it’s a different company from ZNET. We have checked the last known IP from CtrlS Datacenter and it says that IP is from ZNET IP pool. So it might be that CtrlS Datacenters was buying servers from ZNETlive hence why the IP points to them. At that time they also used a DNS masking service from securehostdns.com which is now obsolete.
The big GH15 hack was at the end of 2013, confirmed in forums at 2014 January 1st. After that we can see that they changed the host to SoftLayer Technologies. This happened on the 31/12/2013. This also corresponds with the name server change. When they moved to Softlayer Technologies they changed name servers to Cloudflare. See images above for the dates. I think since cloudflare doesn’t give you DNS servers immediately as they need to generate they were still using their znetlive name servers. This is obvious in the NS image above.
So then we have found an actual server IP by checking the last known non-hidden name servers.
Now we try to verify whether this is the real IP. We use curl command to see if the website will return headers from homepage and will match them to the source code at gh15.org
Source code from using our command
Source code at gh15.org
Now lets try to access the website via IP
Let’s try another trick. We’ll enter a bad username for the website to see if we can get an error and a message saying we need to contact the webmaster.
Clicking on WebMaster we get an e-mail address – sinnysintra@yahoo.com
Type in this e-mail address to google we find a thread at theironden.com – https://www.theironden.com/forum/threads/gh15-website-hacked.17978
Page 4 has an interesting post with the old WHOIS data back when gh15.org didn’t use DNS masking services. It has the same exact webmaster email and a persons name. Post link here – https://www.theironden.com/forum/threads/gh15-website-hacked.17978/post-282570

I would like you all to know that GH15 from gh15.org has scammed me for about $10,000 on April 2019. I was offered to have my thread moved to the public section in September 2018. GH15 said for $12,000 he would move my thread publicly. I wanted it public because It had my reviews on there and I planned to join another forum, I wanted people to verify my reviews from the link that I provide and eventually leave GH15. I got tired of his manipulation (wanting more and more money in sponsor fee’s like some type of fat greedy bastard) and BS and was ready to leave. So I agreed. I paid him and my thread was never moved to the public section. Instead he deleted all my private messages and attempted to hide the evidence not knowing I made screenshots of all my PM’s

So just to be clear, I was covered until 2019 but sent him $12,000 in September to be moved publicly but never was so the excess money that I paid went into his pockets. He told me I made a lot of money on his site and am greedy and he had the audacity to tell me to pay him $3,000 more in April and he will allow me to source on there till June 20th. He kicked me off and started posting lies about me, taking over forum accounts claiming they got infected. You all know that I never had a single negative review on GH15. In fact, GH15 would delete positive reviews sometimes if the user didn’t post enough and always posted BS about me. He was very jealous that, apparently, I was making so much money off his site. In the end, the people from gh15.org still order from me and know that GH15 is posting BS. 

So it all backfired and just made his site lose credibility. It is kind of funny to see his forum die down. To see him emailing other sources telling them he will promote them and offer them a spot in his forum. Then they never renew their sponsorship because they get 1 or 2 sales on there. It’s funny, even with me gone, people still order from me. Its not my fault all the other sponsors on GH15 were CRAP. There were negative reviews and bad test results on most of them (at the time when I was sourcing). With the exception of PG guys who had solid products. I was punished for being successful. GH15 thought kicking me off would bring business and hope for other sources to compete with one another. But most still order from me and thus GH15 doesn’t receive $1,500 from me every month and the other sources still don’t have any business to pay GH15, so they leave because they can’t afford his sponsorship fee’s and his site slowly is dying.

Do you guys know “BlueRun?” He is the person responsible for blackmailing forum owners and sources for money. Well that is GH15. I already posted about this on AnabolicBoard and ThinkSteriods. Long story short, GH15 aka BlueRun is blackmailing sources to pay him $$ or he will report them to their domain host or email host to shut down their emails and websites. He is that desperate for money. He does not have a job and gh15.org was his income. He is now in survival mode and will do everything he can to get money. GH15 is a true psychopath. He is also not the real GH15. The real GH15 died (hence being MIA in the past for a year+) and the site admins took over the forum account to keep the site going. Not only that, but at one point they offered GH15 personal training… They were making money off of a dead person pretending to be him. They are very fucked in the head for this. 

There was also a sponsor on GH15 that went by the name “Juno.” GH15 was getting a percentage cut of the sales and had access to the emails that Juno was using. Juno scammed 90% of the forum. The scam lasted 5-6 weeks. Anytime someone would post that they did not receive their order GH15 would delete their post thus allowing Juno to scam and pay GH15. There was a post on the forum of all the victims of the scam that Juno scammed people for almost $40,000 in 1 month! And GH15 got maybe $15,000 into his pockets due to his commission and of course he never refunded the buyers that were scammed. He is a true piece of shit. Dont believe me? Ask anyone on gh15.org about Juno and read the thread about him where all the victims claimed their posts were deleted when they wrote they didn’t receive their orders. GH15 was promoting that lab claiming it was better than Strango’s etc.

I am not the only victim of GH15… Many labs such as Omega Pharma have been victimized by GH15. He kicked Omega off and wrote fake reviews on him claiming he had bad products and people were getting infections. This was all bullshit. He posted lies and took over forum accounts to post fake reviews about Omega. The problem with GH15 is, in his mind he thinks a source makes a lot of money and so they will pay him his excessive fees, because if they don’t they will lose their business and make less than they would, if they paid him his expensive fee’s that he manipulates you to get you to pay. 

The problem with this, is it’s not about the money, but the principle. Yes, it’s true, I could have paid GH15 $3,000 a month and still make a profit off the forum. But its all about the principle and I will rather make less money and keep my pride and dignity. To me that is more honorable than making the most money while losing my dignity. This goes with anything in life. If I have a customer disrespecting me, I will tell him to fuck off. I do not lose my pride to anyone, even if I make less money. I am not a Walmart employee or someone desperate for business otherwise you would see me in every steroid forum on the internet. I prefer to deal with rational people and treat people how I am treated. Even if I could make more money kissing their asses after being spitted on in the face and deliver “customer service.” I will not lose my pride to anyone.

Nick Trigili talks briefly of me being scammed by GH15 and some more info.

GH15 is also responsible for blackmailing board owners for money. He is the person who is telling forum owners that he will report them to their domain to get the forum shutdown if they don’t pay him $X,XXX a month. Please see the pictures below. GH15 also created the fake BOP board. It is the same exact theme as the gh15.org forum.

GH15 literally wrote that board owners will be brought to justice too… Reminds me of Eliot Rodgers video that he did in the past saying everything he was about to do. And the next day he did it. This is exactly the type psychopath GH15 is.

GH15 is the person who has been blackmailing other sources and reporting board owners in case anyone is curious. I mean he even warned he would do it in April.. I guess he was not kidding. He is very mentally unstable… GH15 is responsible for S-F and BOP being taken down. I know 100% because he shared with me information in the email that only GH5 would know that wasn’t posted publicly. In addition, my Tutanota (JuicePal@tutanota.com) was shutdown and reported by him. He continues to harass me and even managed to pretend to be Big A and scam me for an additional $5,000. No other source is being targeted as much as me. And this is after conning me for 5 grand. IF he was a real a black mailer he would leave me alone but he continues to fuck with me. I receive daily threats by him.
He also created a fake JuicePal email to email Arnold on ASF to delete my section because I was busted. There is no logical explanation why someone would scam me for $5,000 and continue to report my emails. He is GH15. Please read his posts and GH15’s post’s carefully. ​​

These links below contain GH15 (BlueRun) referencing Steroid Lab Owners as Drug Dealers The same how BlueRun references them to. They are both very passionate about steroid lab owners being drug dealers… Furthermore, GH15 mentions in his post how I will get busted and he will make sure of it. The same what BlueRun does. I mean come on guys, he conned me out of 5 grand posing as Big A and continues to be so passionate about getting me busted and no other lab and reporting my bitcoin wallet address to feds…

Look how passionate he is about busting me and calling me a drug dealer… Just like GH15. It is HIM. Don’t let GH15 fool you. There is a reason why they did not want my thread on gh15.org moved publicly because it would put them at risk for their website to be shutdown. Using this information they used it against other forums.


In these screenshots you see even after scamming me for $5,000 posing as Big A he targets me by messaging Arnold to remove my section on ASF.

It is GH15.

Also Please note there were ZERO negative reviews of me on gh15.org. Any negative reviews that you see of me on gh15.org is just GH15 taking over the forum accounts as others have posted of their accounts being taken over… Those of you on gh15.org know there was ZERO negative reviews on me while I was there. In fact GH15 deleted positive reviews in my thread because ‘they didn’t post enough’ was his excuse. He found it unfair to the other sources that they had no chance to get any business due to my outstanding reviews. He even deleted many negative reviews on the other sponsors as you guys know. So I hope no one believes his lies. He is taking over forum accounts on gh15.org spreading bullshit about me and tried to join BOP on a fake JuicePal email (my guess as an attempt to scam people under my name).